About us

Our goal is to help couples that have decided to have IVF treatment not only to choose the most appropriate clinic that will best meet their needs but above all to provide clear and understandable information about fertility and how to conceive. Two days full of lectures by international specialists of fertility treatment, prevention and preparation of assisted reproduction are waiting for you.

During the weekend of October 12th and 13th, 2019 at the Belvedere Hotel in Prague, you will have the opportunity to meet the best experts and find out a lot of information not only about IVF, but also about other topics dealing with fertility, all under one roof. Only during this event will you be able to get comprehensive information that you can’t get anywhere else!

You may already be aware of various agencies and marketing campaigns, that medical and patient care in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are of high standards.

However, we go a step further; we don’t just provide an option to arrange IVF treatments. Above all, we pride ourselves on providing clear and concise information, allowing you to make a well-informed decision by comparing services and patient care, first-hand feedback and testimonials, as well as expert advice and latest innovations in the field.


The meeting is held at the beautiful Hotel Belvedere, where in addition to the many expert and professional lectures, which are not limited to just IVF topic, you’ll learn about interesting news and facts to help increase the chances of getting pregnant. You will also find out about new possibilities on how to improve fertility in a natural way. Last but not least, there’s an unlimited banquet throughout the event! We have found all, the best and also unknown methods that have helped many couples, who today are already holding their much-desired babies in their arms.

In addition to all this, to caress the soul, we have prepared a surprise for you in the form of relaxing massages. Often we do not realise how much stress impacts us and what role it plays in a multitude of problems that are manifesting. Therefore stress should be one of the things we strive to eliminate.

You will find out interesting and perhaps less known facts about vitamins, dietary supplements or alternative methods which help with conception.

You will also have an opportunity to take home a diary called ‘My IVF journey’, which will be introduced at the event for the first time. The book will guide you not only throughout the entire treatment, but it will also be your partner and your mentor on this way.

We want to take care of you and we want to be sure that you will leave happy and content. Your experience throughout this weekend can change your life for the better.

Our team

Mgr. Júlia Le Hunchec
Júlia is providing independent consulting on how to increase the efficiency and economic growth for companies that are searching for new business opportunities with measurable multiple growth. She has a strong focus on target groups according to the customer profile specification. She connects business opportunities, creates new work teams, mediates employee services (specializing in professional medical staff and other positions according to the client). She provides tailor-made training to increase the efficiency of internal processes and provides modern and innovative solutions in conjunction with 20 years of experience in leading national and international projects. Her clients include Wüstenrot pojišťovna, a.s., ING pojišťovna a.s. (NN Insurance Company and Pension Company), Generali Insurance Company, Health Insurance Company, Schill Dental Clinic Prague or AGEL Clinics. But apart from her managerial skills, she is primarily a woman who is friendly, empathetic and always looking for the best solution.


Bc. Veronika Pohle
Veronika is a person who loves working with people. More than 9 years ago, she started to work as a coordinator for foreign patients, especially from German and English-speaking countries in the field of artificial fertilization in renowned Prague clinics such as Gennet and Prague Fertility Center. During that time, she accompanied countless couples on their way to fulfill their dream. Thanks to her knowledge of internal procedures, Veronika is able to plan the entire treatment process in the Czech Republic from the beginning to the end, willingly explaining the methods and procedures and giving advice on which examinations are needed.  She is eager to arrange the best transport and accommodation for her clients always giving them a helping hand and supporting them from the first contact to the pregnancy test. She values mutual respect and responsibility and tries to reflect this in all aspects of her work. He also passes on her extensive experience and expertise to other coordinators during clinic training.

Lucie Benešová
Lucie was the first to start assisting couples on their way of having a baby through IVF.  She is providing “end-to-end” assistance to clients from the beginning of the preparation and finding a clinic until the arrival of the baby. After more than ten years of experience in client care and marketing, of which she worked over eight years as an IVF coordinator for various clinics in Czech Republic, she decided to offer her clients something more. In addition to her knowledge about processes and her expertise, you can also expect her valuable human experience, cordiality, passion, trust, positive energy, understanding, determination and strength to get up and move forward, even when you are feeling that there is nowhere to move to. Lucie is the right person to contact if you are trying to have a baby and you were not successful for a long time. Many of her former clients report that the psychological aspect was often a decisive factor in their success. She also provides her experience as an external consultant to various groups and associations focused on the topic of infertility treatment, not only through assisted reproduction.


We are preparing for you lots of news and interesting facts. If you want to be informed about special offers of clinics and other activities like f. ex. seminars, innovations made by specialists in the field, you will now find everything in one place. Let us contact you and we will gladly share all this information with you.