• What influences our fertility today?
  • The number of healthy sperm is constantly decreasing, even in young men! What to do to maintain your fertility?
  • How to maintain the intimate life of a couple during IVF in a relationship?
  • Influence of alternative methods and exercises on female and male fertility + demonstrations of exercises
  • When is the uterus best prepared for embryo nesting and what is the implant timeframe?


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prim. MUDr. Martin Petrenko CSc., MBA, Chief Expert of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic for Reproductive Medicine, Slovakia, Guarantor of IVF meeting Prague 2019 for Slovakia
Current overview of mutual Slovak-Czech cooperation and legislation in cross-border care in assisted reproduction
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Prim. MD. Martin Petrenko, CSc., MBA is a senior expert of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic for reproductive medicine, a former member of the Ethics Committee of the University Hospital Brno and the Committee for Effective Pharmacotherapy of the University Hospital Brno. Since the year 2000 he has been a member of the Departmental Council of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University, Brno. He has also been a member of the Commission for the awarding of scientific degrees at the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové.

Dr. Alessandro Valdiserri, specialist in reproductive gynecology and obstetrics, with a master’s degree in andrology, Italy
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I love my work and try to do it with passion, humanity and a sense of responsibility. I try to solve every single case with maximum effort and try to identify possible causes of sterility. I always look for the ideal way to resolve the causes of sterility leading to pregnancy. Every day I try to help my patients, I hope I can also help you.

Dr. Pasquale Scarano, specialist, Italy
What role do sexually transmitted infections play in a failed IVF?
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MD. Scarano, comes from Italy. As a physician, he participated in the preparation of numerous printed publications in international and national journals. From August 20, 1990, he worked as a urologist in the urological division of AUSL Hospital in Rimini. Since September 1993 he has been in charge of the Andrology Department at the Urology Faculty of the Infermi Hospital in Rimini. In 2009–2010 he was a counselor of the section of the Macro region (Marche-Emilia Romagna-Republic of San Marino) of the Italian Andrological Society.

Šárka Simonidesová, lecturer of hormonal yoga, Czech Republic
Impact of hormonal yoga on fertility in women + examples of useful exercises
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Šárka was a direct student of Dinah Rodrigues, the only one in the world who can issue a certificate on her behalf. She is one of the few certified Hormonal Yoga instructors for men, women and diabetics. She organizes seminars throughout the Czech Republic, mainly in Brno, Prague, Olomouc, Ostrava and Jihlava. In the Czech Republic, one of the first lecturers was entitled to hand over and train the group for all groups. She has known hormonal yoga routine since 2009, it is 10 years. At least 120 participants attend her courses each month. At the moment around 5,000 clients attended the seminars.

MUDr. Lenka Romanová, practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, founder Nature Care Clinic, Czech Republic
Contribution of Chinese medicine in dealing with infertility
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Nature Care Clinic is a clinic of natural medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Focusing on the treatment of humans as a whole, Nature Care Clinic is one of the first TCM centers where acupuncture combined with Chinese phytotherapy helps in the treatment of infertility. With IVF, the success rate can be increased by up to 65%. Founder of Nature Care Clinic and longtime practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, MUDr. Lenka Romanová, specializes in the application of acupuncture in connection with phytotherapy and dietetics. Also Chinese massage Tuin is effectively used. 

MUDr. Kryštof Tabery, physician from the neonatal department of Motol University Hospital, Czech Republic
Risks associated with premature birth of a baby, Neonatology, endowment fund “N”
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They were born prematurely and are facing a long struggle for life. The aim of our workplace at the Motol University Hospital is not only to save these children, but also to find new, better methods and ways that would ensure these little fighters the least health complications and the best start to life. This issue will be discussed by a doctor, internist, Kryštof Tabery, and is dedicated to pediatric and neonatal diabetology (Neonatal Department, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and University Hospital Motol, Prague)

MUDr. Helena Máslová, doctor, Psychosomatic Care Center, Czech Republic
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She graduated from the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague. She worked at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, in-patient internal ward and in the hospital for long-term patients. Experiences from all these centers led her to psychosomatic and primary medicine, and later to the establishment of the Psychosomatic Care Center. Now she is mainly interested in psychosomatic gynecology, women’s health and reproduction from the psychosomatic perspective. Mother of three children. Speaks English and French. Member of the Czech Medical Chamber.

Ing. Iveta Konýčková, Senior embryologist, IVF Clinic Gyncare, Slovakia
Current direction of infertility treatment by methods of assisted reproduction from the perspective of the embryologist
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After completing her studies at SUA, Iveta Konýčková continued her studies in the field of biotechnology and subsequently in the field of General Genetics at the Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in Brno. She has been involved in reproductive and genetics research for the next 3 years. She has been involved in reproductive medicine, particularly in embryology since 2003. She is currently working as a senior embryologist at the Gyncare Center for Assisted Reproduction. In addition to embryo care, it contributes to the introduction of the latest laboratory methods into the clinical practice of the Center. She is a member of ESHRE (European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology). It actively participates in domestic and international scientific events. She is the author and co-author of many international scientific publications.

Kateřina Burešová, nutrition specialist, patient, Czech Republic
How to prepare the body for IVF and why
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“Female egg and male sperm health is the foundation of baby’s health and ultimately a prerequisite for a healthy course of pregnancy. It is not possible to improve egg and sperm health artificially. About myself – My name is Kateřina Burešová and I am a nutrition specialist. Thanks to my personal experience with artificial insemination as well as natural pregnancy, I help women with targeted and well-targeted diet to increase their chances of natural conception., hormonal stimulation before IVF, dealing with emotional stress from losing a very close person, fatigue, overwork, overweight and lack of sleep, helping women in different stages of life, how to use diet and lifestyle adjustments, put their body back into hormones equilibrium. “

Ing. Milan Hojdar a Mgr. Lena Achmeer, accredited lecturers of the Pelvic Floor School and Methods 3×3, Czech Republic
Pelvic floor recovery program for couples + exercise demonstrations

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Mgr. Lena Achmeer has been working with women since 2008. Over the years, she has learned a number of techniques and approaches to revive the female body. In six years, she conducted 1200 Pelvic Floor Secrets. She says, “I moved from my head to my heart, from my heart to my pelvis. And then again to the heart and again to the pelvis.” She sees proper exercise as a very important part of the whole recovery of the pelvis and the lowest possible pregnancy. Ing. Milan Hojdar has been successfully teaching men, women and couples in the Czech Republic and the USA for several years. Together with Lena, she will introduce the 3×3 Method aimed at holistic recovery of the men and women pelvis. Thanks to an integrative approach that connects the physical, emotional and energy levels, they can blood supply and relax the contracted muscles of the female pelvic floor, or activate the relaxed and prepare the uterus and reproductive organs to conceive and deliver the baby. For men, the 3×3 method promotes both sexual potency and fertility. They will guide you through a brief exercise to perceive your pelvis and introduce you to a comprehensive pelvic recovery program for couples looking for conception.

Mgr. Marcela Korčeková, Psychologist / First fertility coach in Slovakia Psyche and fertility, Slovakia
Psyche and fertility
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Infertility as we perceive it and what the truth is. · How fertility issues affect partnership. · How to deal with failure. · Inspirational story from my practice. She studied psychology at the Philosophical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava and worked as a psychologist in various institutions. In 2010 she went her own way as a fertility coach and established the first fertility coaching in Slovakia. She devotes herself to women and couples who are unable to conceive. Marcela has her own experience with infertility and this gives her a universal opportunity to understand this topic. During the period of working as a fertility coach practice has shown that the psyche plays a very important role here. So far, thanks to her coaching, 70 children have been born. And these are only the achievements she knows about. There are certainly more! In 2016, she wrote the E-book “Fertility Guide” and in 2019 it was listed as an E-book at the Martinus Bookstore. Her favorite motto: “All your dreams come true when you have the courage to follow them.” Walt Disney

Ing. Helena Bieliková, Fertility consultant, Czech and Slovakia Republic
Holistic view of prevention, fertility support and natural treatment of the most common fertility complications in women.
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My own painful experience with infertility and endometriosis has led me to an intensive study of reproductive health issues. After nearly seven years of unsuccessful attempts to conceive, thanks to intensive natural treatment, I got pregnant for the first time while I expected it at least: a few weeks before the planned surgery to have an endometrial cyst removed. Today I have three children. The acquired knowledge and experience allow me to help women find their way to pregnancy and recovery in endometriosis, as well as PCO syndrome, ovulation disorders, thyroid function disorders or immunologically conditioned infertility. The outcome of this work is more than 50 pregnancies by women with fertility disorders, and many other achievements in alleviating the symptoms of endometriosis or other female diseases. In addition to consulting, I organize lectures, seminars and awareness-raising activities in order to promote better awareness of the endometriosis for both the general and professional public. “Late diagnosis is a serious problem for many women with endometriosis, leading them to years of unnecessary suffering and pain,” Mark Baker, director of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice).

Mgr. Pavla Filipová, Physiotherapist, Czech Republic
Physiotherapy in the field of fertility support and the method of Ludmila Mojžíšová
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She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Masaryk University in Brno with a Master’s program in Physiotherapy. In her postgraduate studies and her post-graduate practice she focuses on the care of women during pregnancy and after childbirth, also working with couples who are unable to conceive or have a baby for various reasons, providing treatment of functional female sterility using the L. Mojžíšová method and working with the pelvis. At the moment, she is expanding her scope of activities by the symptothermal method, which also significantly helps in the diagnosis of birth problems. She also lectures on these themes to the greater public and professionals.

Prim. MUDr. Robert Michalič, Director of Medical Care, SPA Resort Hotel Pawlik-AQUAFORUM a.s., Františkovy Lázně, Czech Republic
Treatment of infertility in Františkovy Lázně
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The treatment of infertility in Františkovy Lázně has a long tradition and, even without the existence of centers of reproductive medicine, excellent results. In the lecture the author describes the way in which traditional spa treatment in Františkovy Lázně has been carried out for almost a hundred years. It describes the results of infertility treatment presented by a retrospective questionnaire study, which was processed on a randomly selected sample of 100 women treated for infertility in the spa treatment facility of the Spa Resort Pawlik-Aquaforum a.s. in 2015-2018. The results are complemented by specific case reports of clients who agreed to be published according to GDPR principles.

MUDr. Natalya Savelyeva doctor, IVF specialist, IVF Clinic Prague Fertility Center, Fertilitypedia,
“Psychological aspects of infertility treatment in the center of assisted reproduction”
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I have 20 years of medical practice, especially in the field of reproductive medicine and outpatient gynecology. I graduated from a medical university in Russia, worked in state clinics and private medical centers, and in 2012 I opened my ambulance for women in Perm (Russia). As a doctor, I was also involved in scientific activities and in 2012 I defended my doctoral thesis in gynecology and microbiology and I was awarded the title of medical candidate. From 2012 to 2015 I started working as a consultant at the IVF Clinic. Her areas of interest are: reproduction, gynecological and reproductive endocrinology, early pregnancy and aesthetic gynecology. I have experience in the treatment of various forms of infertility and the use of IVF: programs with own and donated ovocytes, superovulation protocols (different species), cryoembryotransfer program, ultrasound monitoring, follicle embryotransfer collection. I have been a member of ESHRE since 2015.

MUDr. Toporcerová PhD., MBA gynecologist, head physician and expert representative of the Center for Assisted Reproduction Gyncare Košice
“Idiopathic infertility – a frustrating diagnosis with missing answers. How come we can’t get pregnant when all results are all right?
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“Associate Professor Toporcerova is a recognized figure in her area. She has been involved in reproductive medicine for more than 16 years. In the prestigious poll she became the Slovak of the year 2018 in the category Healthcare. After graduating from university, she joined the II. Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic of the Medical Faculty of UPJŠ in Košice, being the first center of assisted reproduction in Slovakia. Later the Center of Assisted Reproduction at II. Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic LF UPJŠ and UN LP led until 2013. She passed two attestation exams in gynecology and obstetrics and in 2012 a qualification exam in the field of Reproductive Medicine at the Institute for Postgraduate Education in Health Care in Prague. Until 2016, she worked as a medical director and expert guarantor in the Sanatorium for the Treatment of Infertility in Košice. She is the author and co-author of several professional monographs, university textbooks and textbooks and scientific articles. Her hobbies include traveling.

Prof. MUDr. Ivana Oborná, Ph.D., senior doctor, specialist, IVF Fertimed, SpermBank International
“Motherhood without a partner”.
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Professor MUDr. Ivana Oborná is a senior doctor and who has been involved in infertility treatment for more than 20 years and has been working at the Faculty of Medicine of the Palacký University in Olomouc since 1985. Currently she is also Vice-Chairman of the Fulbright Commission, a Czech-American government organization who has the aim to strengthen educational, scientific and cultural exchanges through scholarship programs, advisory and information services. In the area of research and teaching, she has established many international alliances in several countries, particularly in Europe and Asia.

Mgr. Romana Zaoralová
“Endometrium matters: ERA test” about them Ybux is a specialized distributor for biomedicine
Mrs. Farkas and Mrs. Antalová SPA hotel Hvězda, Dudince, Slovakia
Spa Dudince, a magical place with the most precious mineral water in the world”.
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Hotel HVIEZDA *** is a relaxing hotel suitable for all ages. It is located right in the center of the small spa town of Dudince. Dudince, which got the status of a spa town in 1983, is the smallest town in Slovakia and is characterized by the highest number of sunny days in the year with ideal climate for relaxation. Dudin’s highly mineralized healing water is one of the rarest waters in the world. The unique combination of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide enables treatment of various diseases simultaneously. The synergistic effect of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide is used in the treatment of patients with polymorbidity (a combination of cardiovascular diseases with musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders). Water of similar composition can be found in Europe only in the French town of Vichy.